Apple Watches To Be Stored In ‘MagSafe Safes’

As the release of the Apple watch nears, we have been receiving more and more rumors and ‘leaks’ on what the whole process around release and launch is going to be. The latest hyped up rumor comes straight out of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino after a statement was released that they will be sending two employees from every store to the headquarters to learn about the upcoming wearables functionality.

The watches that most people will be buying, the standard non-18 karat gold version, will be housed as all other products are. Either in a locked cabinet or in a back-room as seen in Sydney’s upper level of the apple store. The gold version however, being that it is going to be a pricey little wearable, is going to be stored in safes that have built in magsafe functionality. This magsafe functionality will allow the watches to be charged overnight while they are in storage so that the demo versions, which will also be stored in these safes, will have a full battery for the next day.

We will be covering the release of the apple watch as it nears and will be keeping you all posted on our blog. Stay tuned.

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