Changing the Name of Bluetooth Devices in OS X

Whilst it may seem trivial, the name of a bluetooth device on my Mac is really important to me. When I go to connect I want to be able to easily distinguish what device I’m connecting to. Another reason this tutorial is useful is if you have purchased a second hand Mouse, Trackpad, Keyboard, etc. and it has someone else’s name attached to the device. Shouldn’t it be yours if you’ve bought it? Let’s get started.

Step 1. System Preferences

Open your system preferences application and go to the main page. This can be achieved by simply pressing “Show All” (if not already opened it will open to this by default).

Yosemite System Preferences




Step 2. Bluetooth Settings

Click the bluetooth icon and you will be presented with the following screen :

Yosemite Bluetooth Preferences

Step 3. Selecting Your Device

In my case, the Trackpad that I asked my mother to install for me whilst I was away somehow got her name assigned to it… this day she still never entered her full maiden name into my personal computer when it asked for a device name…..funny that. All you need to do is find the device that you want to change the name of and right click it and select rename. If you have right clicking disabled on your mac then press alt/option + click.

Yosemite Bluetooth Preferences

Step 4. Renaming Your Device

All that’s left to do now is type in the new name of the device you are renaming and hitting ‘Rename’. Once you’ve done this you will see that the device is renamed system-wide and you won’t have to question how your mum’s name got there without her ever typing it in….


As always, we hope we’ve helped at least one person out there and encourage you to let us know how you went in the comments below.

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