Chromecast vs Apple Tv : What One Should I Buy?

Todays electronics consumer market are screaming for feature after feature. But one feature that they always seem to want more of is convenience. What is convenience though? I personally can’t tell you, that’s up to you. But I think we can all agree that nothing shouts convenience more than being able to stream the contents of your mobile device or tablet directly to your TV screen at the touch of a virtual button. For years there has only been one big-name device out there that has allowed us to do this; Apple TV. Apples egotistic urge to have a near¬†holocaustic market share is something that really lets the company down. If you want to use the Apple TV, you’re going to need Apple hardware.

Enter Google.

They’ve just released what they’re calling ‘ChromeCast’; Their rendition of the Apple Tv. Not only does it allow you to stream your device contents regardless of operating system, take up one eighth of the size AND cost less than half the price; it lets you escape the shackles apple have had on the market for the last decade or so.


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