First Look At The iPhone 6

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  • Russell Pinfile says:

    They haven’t really done a whole lot? “Let’s take the iPad backing, shove it on the iphone 5 screen and sell it as a new product”…..”Good work michael, have a promotion”. That is how I’d like to envisage the Apple headquarters.

    • Haha Russel, we often think the same thing, Apple have very little to offer in the way of a new product.however they have the name that the consumer is proud of and now more than ever, heavily reliant upon.

  • Diana Rettig says:

    I got no clue how you found these images but they look amazing! Can you please email me the high res versions?

    • Hey Diana,

      All you need to do is save the images from this post. They are stored on our server in high-res but are scaled down for page optimisation. If you save the images they will be in high resolution for you.

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