iPhone 6 To Be Officially Revealed September 9th

Apple have, today, sent out official invitations to their September 9th event where they will be revealing the iPhone 6. The slogan for the event is “Wish we could say more.”. This is customary for apple, having always left us in the dark around their internal happenings until the very last minute. As you’ve seen though, we’ve been covering the leaks of the iPhone 6 parts and renders comprehensively so we have some sort of rough idea as to what to expect. Our thoughts around the event are that there will be more than the iPhone 6 being revealed. Whilst the iPhone 6 will be a huge and if not the biggest attraction at the conference we will be seeing more.

What we believe will be released :

  • iPhone 6
  • iTV/Apple TV (Actual tv, not just the already in place set-top box like device. Small chance of this happening, not holding our breaths.)
  • iWatch (Wrist worn device that will interact with other iDevices)
  • iOS 8
  • OS X Yosemite GM Release

If apple do decide to release a whole range of devices and software they will only be keeping on par with their major competitor, Samsung, who have already capitalized on all these markets.

We will be covering the event live, stay tuned and hit that like button.

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