WWDC 2015 – What to Expect

Every year, apple™ have their developers conference. While this may not seem like anything special, developers and techies alike all get excited that time of year. WWDC 2015 will be held between June 8th and June 12th this year. It’s expected that apple™ will release a new range of devices as well as it’s new software. What we expect to see is as follows:

iOS 9

iOS 9 is going to be apple™’s big hitter this year. Apple™ are know for rushing out updates in time for WWDC that are packed full of features and shiny-new interfaces. That sounds great but often apple™ have let us down with these features being sluggish, semi-working and often negatively affecting battery life and device speed as well as cause crashes. iOS 9 is expected to be a stability update that will perfect what already exists. Much like OSX Snow Leopard did.

New Devices

  • iPhone’s, iPod’s & iPad’s
    • iPhone 6C
    • iPhone 6S
    • iPhone 6S Plus
    • New Generation iPod
    • New Generation iPad
  • Apple TV

OS X 10.11 – Codenamed Gala

It’s thought that not a lot will be added to OSX, much like iOS 9 it will contain ‘under-the-hood’ fixes. We may see a full-on siri or a new way of logging in but for now, there isn’t a whole lot known of what apple are going to be releasing.

You can watch the full WWDC live here: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/

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